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Open a new chapter in high-end steel cooperation


Recently, our board business three successfully signed a single Hastelloy sales contract, the unit price of 300,000 yuan/ton, for Shanghai materials sales of the highest unit price of steel。
What is Hastelloy
Hastelloy alloy (Hastelloy alloy) is a general name for the commercial grades of nickel-based corrosion resistant alloys produced by Hastelloy International。
Hastelloy is an ultra-low carbon type,Ni, Mo, Cr series Nickel-based, corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant material Hastelloy,Because it has excellent high temperature resistance,Oxidation resistance,Weld affected zone corrosion resistance,It has good long-term thermal stability and processability,It is used in harsh industrial environments such as agricultural chemicals, nuclear facilities and biopharmaceuticals。
Cooperative process
In February this year, the staff of the third department of the middle board business visited the pressure vessel manufacturing customer and learned that the customer was negotiating a pressure tank project, which contains the grade C276 material。When the customer hesitated to sign because he had not been exposed to such materials, the salesman told the customer with his professional knowledge that this is Hastelloy, a high nickel corrosion resistant material developed by the United States Hastelloy Company, and introduced the relevant expertise of Hastelloy to the customer。After learning that customers have relevant steel demand, the salesman actively inquire for the current market price of the product, it is recommended that customers can bid boldly。
  After the customer successfully invested in the bid and signed the contract, the third department of the board business also found the corresponding imported material spot and suitable processing enterprises for it, and cut into finished products with water knife cutting machine。
  Because the single business is new products, new customers, from placing orders, production delivery to logistics and transportation are personally tracked by our salesman。At present, the goods have been successfully delivered to the customer, and the contract has been successfully completed, which has laid a good foundation for the subsequent cooperation with the customer, and also opened a new chapter for the sales of high-end steel of our company。